Adopting a Goat

Those of you that live in city are restricted in owning many animals and goats are on the top of the list – councils ban them.

But you still would like the fun of owning one, helping care for it and even coming to visit it if you live close to the farm where it is living.

Goats are smart and very friendly, when well trained and can be trusted with children.

Most goat farms have lots of kids that always need extra food and cuddles.

So adopt one and help the farmer take care of it we have quite a number that are available for adoption, these have all survived huge droughts, floods and now locust plagues so it would be fun to help them out.

Your help would ensure them a long and happy life with lots of food on hand.



If you want to adopt a goat, here is how it works:

- You can choose a goat from the pictures on this site (if it is still available).  Or if you prefer, we will assign a goat to you according to greatest need.

- You pay a monthly adoption fee, using PayPal.  The cost is $10 per month (Australian dollars).

- Every month, you will get news and pictures about “your” goat posted here on this site for you to see.

- You can also, by appointment, visit “your” goat if you live close enough.  They love cuddles!

- You can cancel the arrangement any time, simply by canceling your PayPal subscription.  This is something you do with PayPal, and is immediate, so you don’t need to wait for us to do it for you.  You are in control!

So how about it?  Would you like to adopt your very own dairy goat and help it to live a full and happy life?